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The energy transition is a journey of continuous transformation that sees us all committed to the same path, where sustainability is a non-competitive element through which the entire ecosystem of companies can contribute to the development of a better future for the planet and new generations.

For this reason, the Open-es digital platform was born, an innovative tool open to all companies engaged in this challenge.

Our vision


A collaborative environment for a widespread awareness of the values ​​of sustainability along the entire industrial chain and concrete support for implementing innovative solutions for the future


A flexible path suitable for everyone to measure yourselves on sustainability issues, be aware of your areas of strength and improvement and the priority actions to be implemented to grow and improve


A community with which to share experiences and success stories, ask for advice and discuss doubts and solutions

Creating value

Connecting people, organizations and resources in an interactive ecosystem in which incredible amounts of value can be created and exchanged: each part of it participates in change, like nodes of the same network, united by a common goal

The Open-es community

An open and collaborative ecosystem that aims to involve all the actors of the supply chains in the energy transition process. For an entire system to transform, each of its parts must participate in the change, like nodes of the same network, united by a common goal.

That's why we decided to tackle this journey in the best possible way: Together!

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