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A tool to connect companies, people and organizations in a collaborative ecosystem, which concretely supports development and growth on the dimensions of sustainability.

A change of pace to tackle the challenges of the energy transition together and generate value in a transparent way.

The features of Open-es

The model

A model based on international ESG reporting standards, through metrics selected for their clarity and versatility to cover all sectors and business models.


Quality corporate governance is critical to achieving long-term value by aligning and driving financial and social performance, as well as ensuring responsible stewardship that protects the planet, people and economic prosperity.


People are at the heart of the success of all organisations, and businesses must commit to respecting health and safety, human rights, providing decent work standards for all women and men, including young people and disabled people , and providing equal pay for work of equal value.


The environmental impact of companies depends on multiple factors (business activities, production chains, use of products and services by customers) and for this reason it is essential to protect the planet from degradation by managing natural resources and taking urgent action on climate change.

Performance and Improvement

Evaluation on 12 levels

Your sustainability path will be divided into 12 Open-es levels. Thanks to the sustainability performance on the four pillars, the collaborative attitude that you will demonstrate on the platform and the sharing of experiences and success stories you will be able to improve your positioning and climb all levels

Development plan on 3 aspects

Thanks to a development plan dedicated to your position and specific improvement actions for various dimensions of sustainability, you will be able to follow a concrete path to enhance performance related to Governance, Social, and Environment.

Benchmark with other companies

Specific analyses and reports will accompany you to discover how your positioning is compared to other companies in your sector and with characteristics similar to yours, identifying your areas of strength and areas for improvement

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