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This is a section where companies from the Open-es community can identify services and products, at more advantageous economic conditions than those of the market, to implement their Development Plan and bridge the highlighted gaps.

Would you like a tangible support to improve your Sustainability Performance? Access to the platform and find out more about the services available!

The services are offered by market players who, responding to the call to action, have presented solutions that fully meet these needs.


Do you want to contribute to the sustainable development of companies too? Get in touch with the Open-es Team and make your solutions known!

Describe the services and products that make up your offer and the added value you could give to the sustainable transformation of a business by answering to the Call to Action.

The Open-es Team will assess the consistency and compliance of the solutions with the needs of the Community and the reliability of the Service Provider based on references and technical elements. This pre-screening is usually followed by further insights to define details and methods of collaboration.

The effectiveness of what is proposed in the Development Hub will also be monitored on the basis of the feedbacks received from companies.

The Development Hub is constantly updated and enriched with new categories of solutions and services to meet the most common needs on the market and support the sustainable development of companies. Come back to this page to find out what's new and stay updated on the evolution of the Development Hub!

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